Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

In this condition, there is pressure or stretch on the ulnar nerve, also called the “funny bone” nerve. This condition causes forearm pain, weakness in the hand, tingling, and numbness in the ring finger and little finger.  This Ulnar nerve passes through a groove that is at the inner side of the elbow.


  • Repeated pressure on the elbow especially against a hard surface
  • If you are bending your elbow for a long duration of time like during a long phone talk or sleeping on a bent elbow
  • Extra or abnormal bone growth in elbow causing pressure on the nerve
  • Games or sports have forceful twisting activities like throwing


  • Pain in the elbow
  • Numbness in elbow, forearm, and fingers ( little and ring finger)
  • Tingling sensation in the ring and little finger
  • The weakness of hand especially affecting ring and small finger
  • Reduced hand gripping
  • Thinning of hand due to muscle wasting
  • Deformity of the hand (claw hand )


  • Physical examination by your doctor, your doctor will also ask about your history of injury if there any
  • X-ray is suggested to check if there is any bone injury and to check the bone spurs
  • A nerve conduction test is also suggested
  • Electromyography


  • Conservative
    • Avoid giving pressure on your elbow
    • Wear elbow support or elbow brace to protect the joint, wear a night splint
    • Physical therapy exercises to glide the nerve, to reduce the stiffness
    • Medication to reduce pain and inflammation as prescribed by your doctor
  • Surgery
      When there is severe muscle weakness and conservative methods are not effective then there is a need for surgical management.

    • Ulnar nerve decompression
    • Shifting the nerve to a different position to avoid the compression
    • Trimming of the bone spurs or the bump portion which is compressing the nerve
    • Cubital tunnel release

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