Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an inflammatory condition that causes pain at the outer portion of the elbow. This condition is also called lateral epicondylitis. This occurs due to overuse or repetitive stress on the elbow tendons.

Tennis elbow affects athletes and people who have a job profile with repetitive hand and wrist movement like painters, plumbers, etc.


  • Overuse injury of the tendon ( tendon of extensor carpi radialis brevis)
  • Repetitive wrist and hand movement
  • Occupation: plumbers, painters, repetitive use of computer mouse.
  • In athletes who play tennis, golf, etc.


  • Pain in the elbow joint especially at the outer side of the elbow
  • Pain gradually extend downwards to forearm and wrist
  • Weak gripping or grip strength
  • Pain increases in handshaking or squeezing activities
  • Pain in lifting objects, opening the bottle caps
  • Burning sensation at outside of the elbow


  • Physical examination by your doctor and your doctor will ask about your job profile and activities
  • An X-ray may be recommended to check the bone damages and configuration
  • MRI and CT scan may be proposed if necessitates


  • Conservative
    • Give rest to your elbow and avoid movement that increases the pain
    • Ice Packs are helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation
    • Medication to manage the pain and inflammation
    • Physical therapy will also help a lot in managing the condition. Exercises and massage.
    • Electrical modalities like ultrasound therapy and other muscle stimulators also play an important role in managing the condition.
    • Tennis Elbow brace
    • Steroid injections
    • PRP injection also help and promote the healing of the damaged tendon
  • Surgery
    • If pain is not reducing by any conservative method after 8- 12 months then maybe there is a need for surgical management. Depending on the need, arthroscopy or open surgery may be selected.

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