Hip Osteoarthritis

There are many types of arthritis and OA (osteoarthritis) is the commonest type of arthritis which affects the large and weight wearing joint of the body like the hip, knee, etc. Osteoarthritis basically a degenerative joint disease, articular cartilage starts deteriorating and damages the joint. Hip joint is the third commonest joint to have osteoarthritis after the knee joint and fingers.


  • Grade 1: Mild reduction in joint space of the hip
  • Grade 2: Definite reduction in the joint space and mild osteophyte formation
  • Grade 3: Marked and moderate joint space reduction, osteophyte formation, mild bone sclerosis, and formation of cyst and deformity of the hip joint
  • Grade 4: Joint space is severely compromised. Severe osteophyte formation, the joint deformity is severe and clearly visible.


  • Improper bone alignment of hip joint (a deformity of the hip joint)
  • Any injury or trauma to hip joint
  • Regular doing high impact activities
  • Growing age especially after the 60s
  • Obesity


  • Dull and achy pain in hip joint
  • Pain in groin area
  • Stiffness
  • Pain in back and thighs also
  • Pain in standing up from sitting
  • Pain in activities like walking, jogging, and long-standing
  • Some common activities are painful like bending forward, wearing the shoe, and moving in or out of the car
  • Joint mobility also compromised due to stiffness and pain


Diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis is quite difficult because there are many conditions that also have the same symptoms, conditions like Hip bursitis, tendonitis, any muscle injury, SI joint pain, etc.

  • Physical examination, history, and symptoms can give a rough idea
  • X-ray: to check hip joint space, and bony spurs
  • MRI visualize the soft tissues also and more significant
  • Blood investigation if required


      • Pain killers will help in managing the pain
      • Activity modification, avoid high impact activities
      • Physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the muscles around hip joint
      • Try to control your weight
      • use assistive devices if needed
  • Regenerative medicine
    • Regenerative medicine is having very good results in the early grade of osteoarthritis. Especially stromal vascular fraction. It is a minimal invasive procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. No need no compromise with your routine activities after this treatment.
  • Surgery
    • Surgical management is required in the last grade of osteoarthritis or with severe damage to the joint and joint is not responding to any conservative measures, Joint resurfacing and joint replacement surgeries are performed.
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