Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

Lumbar spondylolisthesis is seen in spinal bones or vertebrae. Slipping or subluxation of the vertebra on another is spondylolisthesis. Because of this condition, there is back pain and neurological condition. It commonly affects the lumbar vertebrae or lower vertebrae. Treatment is mostly conservative but sometimes needs surgery.

Grades of spondylolisthesis

Graded depends on the level of displacement or sleeping of the vertebrae

  • Grade 1 means slipping is minor (0%-25%)
  • Grade 2 Means slipping is 25% to 50%
  • Grade 3 means slipping is 50% to 75%
  • Grade 4 means slipping is 75% to 100%
  • Grade 5 means slipping is more than 100%


  • Birth defect
  • Hereditary
  • Sports like football, weight lifting field games, and gymnastics
  • Other conditions like spondylosis, fracture, or torn ligament can also lead to spondylolisthesis (slipping of spinal bone or vertebrae)
  • Trauma or any injury can also cause vertebral slipping


  • Continues lower back pain
  • Stiffness in the back
  • Pain may radiate in the legs
  • Pain may feel in the thighs
  • Tenderness in the lower back
  • Your back thigh muscles (hamstrings) or buttocks muscles become tight


  • Physical examination, patient history, and symptoms can help your doctor in making a diagnosis
  • X-Ray is performed to check the alignment of the spinal bones (vertebrae), Slipping of vertebrae is very clear in the x-ray
  • MRI or CT scan can be recommended by the doctor if there is a need or to check the nerve compression if there is any


Treatment always depends on the level of slipping or grade of the spondylolisthesis

  • Conservative:
      • Wear a brace or back support to maintain the posture
      • Physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the
      • Anti-inflammatory and medications
      • Epidural steroids injections
      Regenerative Medicine
  • When the condition is serious and non-surgical treatments are not possible then the operative procedure is required.
    • Spinal fusion surgery is performed to stabilize the spine
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